Robotics for Space Exploration


The recent explosion in interest in space exploration is what triggered the formation of RSX. With organizations working on Mars-bound spacecraft, teams around the world racing to win the Google Lunar X Prize, undergraduate students launching nano-satellites, and companies aspiring to mine asteroids, the increasing number of space ventures are truly initiating a shift in the age-old paradigm that only a limited number of highly specialized organizations can partake in space exploration.

Needless to say, space exploration is unbelievably exciting and challenging. The goal of RSX is to ensure its members gain a better understanding of the practical side of space engineering. By designing, building, and testing robots designed for planetary and lunar exploration, RSX will compete in space engineering competitions around the world. At heart, our true passion is manned space exploration. Our overarching vision will always be for robots to work with humans, not instead of them, and pave the way for manned exploration.

The University of Toronto has a long and successful history in aerospace engineering, and RSX is supported by the world renowned University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS). Professor Tim Barfoot is our advisor and mentor, and RSX will be using the Mars Dome as its main test facility.

For us, the sky is not the limit – it’s just in the way. Please join us on this stellar adventure!